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Weddings By Stan

Who is Stan?

My name is Dr. Stan Pokras, and I want to officiate your wedding ceremony!

My day job is a health policy research scientist, but I have enjoyed going to weddings ever since I was a child. In fact, I was always impressed by how much work went into the wedding ceremony and how much fun the officiant had during the ceremony. As luck would have it, a very close family member was getting married several years ago, and I suggested that I would love to officiate. The couple agreed, I became licensed, and the rest is history.

After realizing how rewarding it felt to make someone's special day a memorable one, I decided to apply many of the skills from my day job to officiating weddings. I work with my wife, who is my business partner, to provide you with full-service officiating needs to make your wedding day as amazing and exciting as you are!

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Weddings By Stan

What Else?

I am an ordained and fully-licensed officiant in the State of Ohio and have officiated over two dozen weddings during the past three years. The Covid-19 pandemic helped me appreciate how grateful I am for my own marriage, and so I decided to help provide those special moments to other couples.

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Weddings By Stan

Wedding official ceremony

Personalized & Individualized

I genuinely love the experience of uniting couples through matrimony.

As your wedding officiant, I will have an open mind, positive attitude, and conduct myself professionally, so that your wedding day is as extraordinary as you.

I welcome various styles of matrimony, including same-sex, interfaith, and non-denominational weddings.

I believe in LOVE, and I want you to be ecstatic with my officiating services. I can perform services in just about any venue that you choose - from the comfort of your own home to large, private venues.

I can officiate simple elopements or extravagant ceremonies.

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Weddings By Stan



Memorable & Personalized Services

Officiating services are personalized and cater to your individual needs

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Classical writing

Vow Writing Services

Don't like writing or public speaking? Have no fear!

I can help you prepare vows with you and your future spouse in mind

Certificate of Marriage and Pen

Sign & Send

Once the vow exchange is done, I finalize the marriage by signing your marriage license AND mailing it out for you; hassle-free!

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Weddings By Stan

Service Pricing*

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Standard Services

Officiating services typically cost $350, which includes your ceremony template, vows, and much more!

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There is generally no additional mileage fee, but locations over 30 miles out of our service area may incur charges

Rehearsal Practice

If you wish to have a ceremony rehearsal prior to the day of the wedding, we provide that service for an additional $50

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*Pricing may vary depending on availability and special accommodations

Weddings By Stan

Marriage License Information

My services are offered throughout the Greater Northeast Ohio area. Check out the following links for more information about applying for your marriage license in your county:

Ministry License Search & Credentials

For information about my Ministry License or credential verification, please click the "Minister License Link" below, then select "Records Portal" on the upper right-hand side of the webpage. From there, click on "Search Ministers" and enter "Pokras" under Last Name. My information will come up in the search on either a ".csv" or ".pdf" format for your review.

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Weddings By Stan

The Team





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Weddings By Stan

Recommendations and Endorsements

Carissa F

"We had Stan officiate our wedding this past September. It was so nice that he had options for templates that we could use for what was said during the ceremony ... "

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Max G

"...From the moment he accepted his role as the officiant at my wedding, he worked diligently, ensuring that the ceremony matched my vision. He helped me write and edit my vows ... "

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Sonya N

"What an amazing job! Perfectly tailored wedding ceremony."

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Weddings By Stan

Recommendations and Endorsements

Igor M

"Stan was a great marriage officiant, He was very professional and was very accommodating to our needs "

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Katie R: Vendor

'Wonderful to work with! Very accommodating throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend! 🤍"

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Rania A: Vendor

'As a vendor who recently worked with Stan, I recommend him to any couple looking for an officiant for their wedding. He's friendly, nice and reliable..."

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Wedding Vows and Rings

Contact Us

Inquiries, questions or comments?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information

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Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

(216) 232-3555

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Weddings By Stan

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